Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection – My Wildlife Sanctuary Zoo

Spoiler: This is one of my favourite and most recently built zoo! I hope you enjoy. I used the building ideas from ZooTycoonLord’s (formerly 9462N0) videos and came up with this idea. Any requests? Leave a comment or send me a PM. Here are the animals listed: Komodo Dragon, As requested by class377. Polar Bear Saltwater Crocodile Lion Giraffe Plains Zebra Thomson’s Gazelle African Elephant Lowland Gorilla Pacific Walrus Snow Leopard Giant Panda Black Leopard Emperor Penguin Reindeer Black Rhinoceros Songs: ~Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Theme ~3 Doors Down – Kryptonite DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any ownership of any music used in this video. All gaming and music goes to their respective owners (3 Doors Down, Microsoft, Blue Fang, WMG, UMG)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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